I think that life is like a box of Lego’s.

It usually comes with an instruction manual, and if you just follow the instructions you’ll end up with whatever’s on the box (unless, of course, the box lied and some of the pieces were missing…).

The problem, obviously, is that you’re stuck with whatever you started with. If you bought a castle you won’t be able to build a spaceship, even though spaceships are obviously much cooler. If you were born into poverty you’ll probably stay there.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you understand the pieces, and how they fit together, you can build whatever you want. And instead of relying on the instruction manual you can design your own.

Once you know what you’re doing, you’ll be able to take those same standard building blocks that came with your castle and rearrange them into your fancy spaceship. Some parts can be built with what you already have, but for everything else you’ll need to beg, borrow, or 3D print new ones.

Not sure how to do that for Lego’s, much less for everything else?

Don’t panic, I’m here to help.

That’s what I do here; I play with the Lego’s of life. This is a toolset to help identify the essential, the useful, and the merely decorative pieces of life so that you can engineer your own design. We test some pieces to see if they’re useful, learn how the pieces fit together (or don’t), and help you find what it is you want to create, be it in the present or the future.

In short, here we are Engineering a Remarkable Life.